Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Political Post

I regularly listen to political debate.  I subscribe to both the Fox News Sunday and McLaughlin Group podcasts.  Quick tangent-- it always turns my stomach when I realize that Pat Buchanan is speaking for my side.  However, I don't think I am informed or persuasive enough to really talk politics and especially to write about it in my blog where it could be scrutinized.  I would rather discuss church politics (where I am a socialist) than government politics (where I probably border on libertarian). 

But in this one entry I want to point out how John McCain can win this election.  He doesn't need to keep harping on Obama's lack of experience, or his questionable associates.  He doesn't even need to draw O as a liberal while painting himself as the moderate voice.  He merely needs to continually remind people that Barack Obama is a lawyer.  The ads need to ask:  Would you rather vote for someone who has spent his young life as an attorney, or someone who spent his young life defending  this country?  After all many people respect a POW, but very few have anything nice to say about lawyers. 

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

All About Focus

Thomas train has taken over the house.  Cannon wakes up in the morning and often the first words out of his mouth are, "Watch, Thomas Train."  We have a television in our house but no cable, dish or antenna.  it should be a great mystery as to where the boy gets his addiction to TV.  But it isn't.  He gets it from his dad. 

I think if I lived in a time before radio, I would sit around in the evening and watch bugs crawl around.  Jill would be asking me to put the boy to bed and I would be lost in the beetle's intense struggle to find a crack in the floor wide enough to escape through.  Jill's voice would rise louder as she repeated herself for the third time.  My jaw would open slightly as my focus had to become intense enough to drive out the surrounding noise.  This would continue  until Jill's boot heel would end the beetle's struggle and bring me back to the world at hand.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Another Storm Another Story

Four tornadoes, wind gusts up to 140 miles an hour and enough rain in 15 minutes to make Stockton and Truman merge into one big lake. I have been spending time answering phone calls tonight, and if I believed everything people have heard from so and so, I would be grabbing my faimly and heading for the Rocky Mountains. Taking outage calls at a utility is a lot like playing that telephone game we used to do in youth group, without the deteration into discussion of someone's underwear.

One thing you can believe is that people are without power. We wish they knew we believed them the first time. By the third or fourth time they call, it just seems like they are more lonely than anything.

I would have more sympathy for them but it is about 83 degrees outside, reruns are on television and it is still light out. They should be thankful we are pushing them to enjoy the outdoors except, you know, for those people who are now a part of Truckton Lake.