Thursday, February 06, 2014

Turning 35

I wrote this almost a year ago on 2/28/13, but never came back to it to publish.

Yesterday was my birthday. It’s likely everyone reading this knew that and wished me happy birthday on Facebook. So far, this paragraph has just wasted your time.  It’s been awhile since I've written anything; you'll just have to bear with me.  

35 is considered by some a milestone birthday. In my mind it means half my life is gone.  Other than that, though, it’s not a big deal to me. Our family is in the middle of trying to buy a new house and rent our current one.  We have canceled our usual summer travel plans.  We have cut back spending in every area.  We would entertain offers on just about anything we own at this point. All that to say, I didn't want much done for me on my birthday.  And having spent extra hours at the office the day before because of a snowstorm, I didn't expect much from the day.

Life surprises though. Through no real talent on my part, I have accumulated a wealthy life in people and comfort.


My wife surprised me with a lovely card full of sentiment and joy.
My daughter was too excited by the prospect of her Daddy’s birthday to let it pass unnoticed.  She made a card. And this:
 It’s a doggy treat holder.
A friend brought me coffee.
Another friend changed their profile picture to one of the two of us as a tribute. Coworkers were genuinely happy to wish me well and celebrate with me by means of biscuits and gravy for the office.
My parents insisted we eat dinner together to celebrate. Jill made a cake she knew I would like more than anyone else. I know enough at this point in my life to appreciate these things.

There were lowlights as well.

I would have taken the day off if I had known Jill and the kids were going to be enjoying a snow day, but with the outage cleanup continuing I had to spend the daylight hours in the office. 
At one point after someone asking about my age, I was convincing myself that I was still spry.  I decided to jump up and put my palm against the ceiling as I have done since I was hired there 8 years ago.  I sprang off the ground with great confidence, unfortunately not with great height.  I came about four inches short. I’m sure it was just the boots; I’ll definitely make it the next time I wear my dress shoes.