Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Election

This is a very late post, but I wanted to do it anyway. Unless you are interested in local politics or you are using this as some sort of reference on me, you needn't read further. Most readers of this blog will not be surprised by my political leanings, and I don't have a great reason for revealing my ballot other than this elections strangeness. In every other election I have participated in I have voted for the winners at least 85% of the time.

Position, Who I voted for, (party), win/lose, (comment)


Senate: Talent (R) - Lost to McCaskill

House of Rep: Skelton (D) - Won (beat the same guy he has for at least the last 4 elections)

State Auditor: S. Thomos (R) - Lost to S. Montee

Raising the minimum wage Proposition: No - Passed (Huge)

No state pension for Felons: No - Passed

Tax exemption for veterans organizations Amendment: No - Passed

Tobacco Tax Amendment: No - Failed (This was a doozy. Not only would it write a sales tax into the Constitution but it created a new government funded health care account. Thankfully, Missouri still has too many smokers to pass this one.)

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: No - passed (One of the most poorly written summaries for an amendment ever)


State Senate: Delbert Scott (R)- Won (this election should not have been as close as it was)

State Rep: Parsons (R)- No opponent

Prosecutor: Dad - No opponent (although we kept wondering what Dad's primary opponent would come up within the days before the election.)

Treasurer: Hamilton (Ind) - Lost to Levi

Commisioner: Whitsell (D) - Won

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Brandon said...

We must have had different ballots. Strange... I voted on Paris Hilton for senate. I think she was republican. Rosie O’Donnell for State Auditor. Ricky Martin for treasurer. I am pretty sure my ballot stating clearly that stem cell research would benefit Ponderosa Pines for the next millennium. How could you have voted no on that? Heathen! Next time you have questions on whom and what to vote for, my friend, remember that you have my phone number for just such emergencies. For the love of God, use it!