Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Update

So it started snowing last night about the time I got off from work. I went to the store (twice) and then hoped I wouldn't get called out because of outages. Our lines must be in great shape because we only had one outage the entire night, and I didn't have to go in.
Then, this morning I woke to see this:

We got at least ten inches overnight. I was very thankful Brandon helped me clean out the garage when he visited, so the van was safely inside. However, not owning a snow shovel, I was unable to clean out the driveway. No problem, I thought. The driveway is downhill. I'll just get a run at it from out of the garage, and I'll be on the cleared road. I was a little iffy about the three foot barrier of packed snow the plow had left, but it's only snow right? Well the van made it this far.

Thanks to my father's 4x4 I did make it to work only 10 minutes late (so far this is the day I've missed teaching most since I stopped). Anyway, look here for a couple more snow pics.

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dwain said...

Wowie wow wowie!