Friday, February 08, 2008

At the Theatre

This post was supposed to be written about three weeks ago. That is when the theatre in good old El Dorado Springs reopened. Mom and Dad went to the first showing, and Jill and I went to the late night show handing Cannon off in between the two. The theatre owners remodeled the 19th century building to look as it did when it was last a theatre. Here is a glimpse, although it looks much better in person. For instance, the pole, which is prominent in all the pictures I took, is not really noticible when you are inside. Their is only one screen, and they are showing second run family movies. Our show was National Treasure: Something about Gold. It was an enjoyable evening. Mom and Dad took Michele's kids (my nieces and nephew) to Veggietales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything.

If you are keeping track, El Dorado now has: three stoplights, a radio station, two grocery stores, a hardware store that has everything (if you just ask), two newspapers (three if you count the buyers guide), a community center (with an indoor track and raquetball court), a skating rink and a movie theatre. What is it missing? A real coffee shop. I don't know how we could economically sustain one, but then I don't know how two newspapers have survived for 50 years. Maybe they could charge for gossip. This is a picture I took on the way to the downtown theatre. I think it adds to the big city image.

Dad's Birthday

My father, Michael Loren Ash (by the way does everyone know that his father's name is Loren, my middle name is Michael, and my son is Cannon Aaron Ash?) turned 60 this year on January 30. My sister threw a party for him at her house. She also gave him a framed document of "60 reasons why we love Dad/Grandpa" with very personal wonderful things about our father. I gave him a water bottle that attaches to his bicycle, and that was 8 days late. She puts this kind of thought and energy into his birthday, and she gave him three grandchildren. It's a wonder that I'm the favorite.
A Word About Rope
A Google search for the "best length of rope" turns up nothing. How is that possible? Also, "best size of towel" gives you zilch. Doesn't this seem like the kind of thing that would be debated on a Hitchhiker's Guide message board ad naseum? I'll put the question to you, Dear Readers. Eventually, when Google's spiders have crawled over this page your answer may be the "Feeling Lucky" page when it is next searched. What is the best length of rope to have handy? I'm talking about in your car or on hiking trips. I think it is six feet, and I usually prefer cord. So many uses, if only I could remeber the knots from The Dangerous Book For Boys when I need them.


Chris said...

Six feet? Maybe when you're hiking, but rope isn't very space-consuming. In your car, I would have more like sixty feet. You can always cut a piece off if you need to. Well, unless you are using hawser or something.

Brandon said...

ElDo waited til I left to get everything! At least there was a Sonic there already when I was there.

Jill said...

Hi Babe. Just wanted to give you a comment from your loving wife. So here it is: Good job!

Jenn said...

Wow...Eldo is really moving up in the world! ha! I guess I need to convince my husband to let me come with him the next time so I can see all the development! :-D Hope you guys have a great week...& why don't you come up & see us some time!!! :-)