Monday, May 17, 2010

Burning Tithe

What if we were told to throw 10% of what we earned up into the wind? Or if we were asked to take part of our take-home pay, change it into $100 dollar bills and burn it in front of the church? I doubt we would have many takers. But it seems to me that would be more of an act of faith then bringing our tithe to the church.

For the most part I believe that our church does a good job with the money my family has given over the years. I have no regrets and give cheerfully to the church. Even if I do not think some of the things the church spends money on are necessary, I know and can see that it is intended to bring people closer to God.

More than that even. I think if I didn’t believe in God, I still wouldn’t have much trouble giving to my church. I would continue to like the people employed there. I would still know that some of the money is being used to give help to people in genuine need. That it fulfills a place in our community and gives comfort to all kinds of people. I don’t think I would have to believe in God to tithe.

In reading some of the Old Testament it struck me that much of the best of a people who by a modern definition would be extremely poor, was destroyed, and used by no one. Some was given to priests to be sure, but much was simply destroyed. Some of it just to create an “aroma” pleasing to God. I’m not sure what an anthropologist would say, but that seems to me an offering given in faith.

I wonder what the Lord is trying to tell me? What sacrifice is he looking for, and will I believe enough when the time comes?


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