Friday, July 08, 2011

Vacations - Part 2

We plan our vacations early, so in January we made reservations for a cabin outside of Omaha. Four nights and five days in a nice air conditioned cabin in a nice quiet campground along the river. You'll notice I did not say it was a nice river. This is because a month before we were to leave for vacation the river flooded the campground and our cabin, canceling our reservation.
We were able to get 2 nights in a Super 8 for the same price. Iwas disappointed, but my kids were ecstatic. For them a motel is akin to a playground except with television.
I was looking at this trip as more of a prelude. A chance to knock Nebraska off our 50 states while saving some money for a big trip next year (we already have reservations for a state park in Myrtle Beach [maybe I don't learn]). But it was a really great time. Our first night there we visited the pedestrian bridge, Jill even took a jog on it. The only other thing I've got to say about this is that Nebraska smoked Iowa with their side of the bridge.
I had a great time at the Omaha Storm Chasers game. The Royals may not be lighting it up in the majors but their AAA did look head and shoulders better than the cubs that night.
The biggest part of the trip and the #1 reason to visit Omaha is the zoo. It met all our expectations and then some. We spent eight hours there and still forget to go inside the Wild Kingdom exhibit. We spent an entire hour in the rain forest area and it wasn't enough. The only place that wasn't enjoyed by all was the gorilla exhibit. Don't get me wrong it is incredibly well done and has great views of the animals. Unfortunately, I'm scared of monkeys (I'm lumping gorillas with monkeys, I'm not a scientist). I was holding my two year old in a little bubble thing that lets you get a 360 view of the habitat. We were looking at a big one about eight feet away when a bigger one crawled over the back of our bubble, face to face with Meadow. I tensed badly and froze. Meadow was done after that. I really don't like Monkeys and I think my fears are legitimate.
We tried to take a different path home, but it still took longer than it should have and had us driving on a road with one lane clear and the other covered with water. It did give us the chance to find a geocache at a park in Nebraska while Jill did a nice statue imitation.

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