Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Bed

We bought Cannon a loft bed from a local dealer today. It was a clearance sale and the bed was close enough to what we were looking for to work for us. It wasn't anything special, or so I thought.

It is an all metal frame which fit together perfectly as seen here. I didn't count the number of pieces, but when I opened the box I was a bit intimidated. The instructions were clear and each piece was wall labeled and once I figured out which was the 5/16 bolt and which was 1/4, it went fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

It turns out this bed blew me away with its packaging. There were exactly enough bolts, screws, and nuts. It contained all the "tools" needed except a screwdriver. And it all fit in this box. I have no idea how you even start to design a solid piece of furniture and then go back and say, oh yeah, it all needs to fit in a box slightly longer than a twin size mattress and 1/4 as wide. Do computers do this? I wish I had taken a picture of how these pieces overlapped and fit inside each other.

I was extremely afraid that as I pulled the last piece I needed out of the box, it would have a huge scratch on it (not that I needed to worry since each metal piece was also individualy wrapped in plastic and all the corners had cardboard covering them!). I knew that if I had to return it, it would take me at least two boxes this size to fit it all.

So good show, DHP engineers, I wish I was as smart as you.

solid all metal (except for the elbows) construction

interlocking plastic pieces which I'm not sure really do anything.


Ken L said...

I'm with you. I think there must be whole departments that figure out how to fit things in boxes. Btw, thank you for the rails for Jonah's bed. I hope to get that set up soon.

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