Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Boys to Men

The news stories are horrible. There is no excuse for the shooting in penn. And it is sickening that there are people out there that would prey on high school girls in the classroom.

That being said, I think it is time young men stood up and said, "no more!" In all these situations going back to Columbine there have been a group of people who could have stopped these men before they molested a girl or killed four or five people. They are called guys in the common vernacular. They should be young men.

This is one of the big downfalls of modern culture. Our boys are taught to do what they're told in a situation involving a gun. It seems like guys will only step up to protect there own reputation, and even then they are more likely to just lie about it later.

I know it seems crazy to consider telling a high school kid to take on a gunman, but I don't think it is if you consider the alternative. The same goes for us older guys who are trying to be men. I am tired of hearing about pocketknives, nail files, & letter openers not being allowed on airplanes. The days of taking over an airplane with box cutters is long over. It was over the day it happened. Unless the terrorist get more than half the airplane full of there guys they couldn't take it over with an AK-47. We wouldn't stand for it.

For my part if I am ever in a hostage situation where the gunmen are there to prove a point or take hostages (as opposed to robbing a bank or something where the object is other than life or innocence taking), I will do my best to stop it at the risk of my own life. Now, if someone pulls a gun on me in a back alley and ask for my wallet, I’m going to give it to them and hope they go away. But what would I be doing in a back alley anyway.

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