Thursday, November 08, 2007


My son is incredibly cute (so much so that I sometimes ask myself if he is mine, until I see him do something like watch TV or try to catch a ball). There is nothing quite like Halloween to bring out the cuteness in an already cute kid. Jill and I volunteered to help with the harvest hoedown our church put on this year. It is fun event where there are different booths setup around the gym for kids to play games and get candy. The TNT group volunteered to help with the cup stacking race, and Jill and I were a little afraid we would be stuck there all evening. We needn't have worried several of the faithful showed up and we really had to do nothing. A special thanks here to Ashley who stayed from start to finish.
Back to my kid. Jill has been excited about this Halloween since the last one ended. I think she bought his costume on January 3rd, once Christmas was safely out of the way. Cannon was Yoda from Star Wars (which we had to explain to an unreasonable number of people). As you can see putting fluffy green ears and a robe on a kid only lets the cuteness shine. Sadly, I think some other people got better pictures of him than we did.


Being a father is still a strange experience for me. Tonight we had an event a Jill's school, and Cannon really did not want to be there. I found myself telling him that in life we sometimes have to do things we do not like. I am not completely sure why, but saying it I felt like a hypocrite. I took him shopping and then home.


Today I was helping get the budget ready for next year. We started by inputing last years actual expenses into a spreadsheet (here I might mention that a business or accounting degree is worthless, go get an Associates in Excel if you want to work in the real world). I discovered a discrepancy in the totals of two forms.

I brought this to the attention of our accountant who frantically started running numbers and talking me through what was happening. In short 15 minutes working, 1 1/2 hours watching someone else work.


Brandon said...

He really is unbelievably (sp?) adorable. And Yoda. . . as if there is any question to who's family he belongs.

Chris said...

You didn't blog last week. I noticed. I hope you're not planning on taking this week off too, just because it's a holiday.

aaronash said...

Chris, just for you I added a short post on Wednesday. I hopefully will do a full version on Sunday. I appreciate the love.