Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A New Reader

In the interest of increasing the readership of my blog, we are having another child. This one, like his/her brother, is scheduled for July. So by say Nov. 2011, she/he should be able to read At Gnat (I'm not exactly writing on a graduate level here). At that point he/she should have 10-15 blogs to catch up on.

This raises the interesting question: Would I want my children reading my blog? Since most of you readers are also bloggers, I would ask you the same question. I haven’t really decided on an answer to that question for myself. As of now Cannon wouldn’t understand any slightly inappropriate reference. But I do not really want to hasten his understanding either. On a related note, can we come together to get the word “erection” banned from commercials during football games. I mean Cannon loves football, but I don’t want him to start asking, “Daddy, what’s an erection?” Now that I think about it, I believe Michelle banned her reading age child from my blog.

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Brandon said...

I will leave the wonderful assortment of jokes/comments/reactions about the second paragraph of your blog, for the sake of your children. I will simply say, Congratulations! I am so very happy and excited for you!