Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year's Goals

Jim finally wrote a new blog post. He mentioned new year's resolutions and it got me thinking about my problems in this area. I do not do well with new year's resolutions, but at various times in my life I have done well with setting goals. So this year I have my new year's goals. I am not going to write about them here because you would find them too funny and far fetched. I am willing to say that one of them is to be a contestant on American Gladiators 2009. I like House, Bones, The Office, and Friday Night Lights, but AG is the show that really makes me wish we were able to get a clear TV signal at our house.

Geocaching Adventure

Last Saturday after much cajoling, I convinced Jill to go to Stockton Lake with me to find a geocache. It was a truly beautiful day. Perfect weather. The lake was picturesque. We saw at least 4 different armadillos (possibly 6 but 2 of them might have been the same). The cache was a nice box worth finding and actually contained the travel bug that was listed on the cache page. I think Jill was actually glad we had done it.

Then we arrived back at the locked car with the keys in the ignition. We were a long way from anything. We tried to think about how far back the last house was. It was getting dark and cooling down quickly. Cannon was ready to go home (or run free in the woods, but not stand quietly while his parents figured out what to do). We finally decided to break the window. We settled on the driver's side window, because it is the most average shaped window that does not have heat strips in it. We found a 5 pound rock with sharp thin edge, much like the head of an ax. I wrapped my hands in my sweatshirt raised the rock over my head and smashed into the window. And bounced off. I thought, I must have been timid, it was my first window. So I tried again, and again, and again. Raring back and throwing my weight into it. I scratched the window pretty good, but it did not crack. I finally drew back and from about two feet away, threw the rock as hard as I could. It bounced harmlessly away.

We walked three miles with Cannon kicking and screaming to a cabin where two guys were down from K.C. fishing. They took us back to our van and using a hanger and a tool that I think could only be used to pry car doors open with, had it unlocked in about forty seconds.

During this week we had reports of baseball size hail in a couple of counties north of us. It broke the fuse in one of our transformers . It also reportedly broke out some car windows. I don't believe it.


Chris said...

Well, at least you scratched up your window. That's good for starters. It will probably break now when you least want it to.

Brandon said...

There was not one part of that story that wasn't 100% text book Aaron. Loved every second of it!