Thursday, January 03, 2008

Parenting is Hard

Parenting is hard, but it is possible. This week Cannon was diagnosed with fifth disease. It has a much more scientific (and in my opinion better name – Total aside that I don’t know how to punctuate: Jill called me from her mobile phone to tell me that Cannon had been diagnosed with fifth disease. I thought she said SIDS disease, and asked her to repeat it. She did, and I still thought she said SIDS. I totally freaked out for about 8 seconds before I realized that living babies are not brought into the doctor’s office and diagnosed with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I asked Jill one more time, and she had to spell fifth for me) name, but most people who have heard of it know it as 5th disease. It is not really dangerous to Cannon, but has given us some alarm about our unborn child. We are now awaiting lab results.

Parenting has been more difficult with Cannon this week because he has felt miserable and has acted accordingly. He has required a lot more attention and patience than normal, and thankfully Jill and I are here and my parents are close by so I believe he has gotten what he needs. I mention all this because today I read a question sent in to a Tech Columnist: I want to limit my children’s computer time. I want them to get outside, and to finish their homework. Can I restrict when and how long they can use the computer? The tech specialist talked of Operating system settings that allowed you to limit a users time. I would have said, “Tell your kid to get off the computer and go outside.” No one ever writes me and asks me questions like that, though.


First of all, I want to express my gratitude to Chris for replying to my previous blog. His song list would really have given me the most bang for my buck, and, rather unbelievably, I do not own any of them at this time. I was especially tempted by Alice’s Restaurant which I could get for 99 cents. That’s about 6 cents per minute. However, I don’t think I would listen to more than once a decade. Getting only one reply to my blog was a humbling experience. More humbling though is reading Jill’s latest blog entry which is, as always, so much better than anything I have written. I haven’t finished picking out my five songs yet. I have settled on (but not bought) “You Don’t Know What Love Is, You Just Do As You’re Told” by the White Stripes. It gives me the most bang for my buck title-wise.


Chris said...

Can you get "Alice's Restaurant" for 99 cents? Where? Last time I checked on iTunes, you had to buy the whole album. Oh, wait, you have a Zune.

Brandon said...

Well, I am officially freaked out. You need to explain what 5th disease is. I will have to look it up. I will keep you in my prayers.
And, and far as your song lists goes, just because you didn't get a lot of responses didn't mean people weren't thinking. I have been a little stressed trying to come up with a list of songs that I love that you would also love. I finally threw my hands in the air, but if you really want a list with Ricky Martin, Kelly Sweet, and Derks Bentley, just let me know. ;)

Brandon said...

Ok, just read about it. Less freaked out now, but still, worry is what I do best, so I will continue. Jill and the new baby will be in my prayers. Much love. b

aaronash said...

Brandon, I guess you posted on my last blog just as I was getting ready to publish this one. Sorry I did not include you. I would still be interested in your top five songs, and I would even listen to them once on-line. Also, we are still waiting for test results, but Jill and Cannon both seem to be doing well.
Chris the Zune marketplace does have a best of album that includes Alice's Restaurant which you can buy as a single. Oddly, it is an album only track if you try to get it off the Alice's Restaurant album.

tiff said...

I read your last blog but am so awed by your coolness that I didn't feel confident to suggest 5 songs. Maybe I could have tried anonymously.