Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Green Beans

Green beans are better when cooked in bacon grease. Today though we discovered new heights of vegetable joy by using the grease from maple-honey sausage. My family has a long tradition of cooking green beans in brown sugar, but this was better. I'm 30 years old and am just now making this discovery. It makes me want to stay up all night in the kitchen rethinking food I've eaten forever. Unfortunately, I am tutoring, so I will just have to wonder what corn cooked into pancakes and covered with molasses would taste like.

Speaking of tutoring, one student used the expression, "holy hera." We are supposed to end any session where a student uses inappropriate language. Earlier this month I totally missed that a student was using the f word, multiple times. So does anyone know if "holy hera" constitutes inappropriate language? A quick google search reveals that I am out of the loop and this seems to be a commonly used expression in forums. I'm still not sure what would happen if I threw it into polite conversation. And doesn't it seem like it should always be followed by "Batman."

In related news, Jill and I are so tired that the only reason we drag ourselves out of bed when Meadow fusses is because we don't want two children screaming at us in the middle of the night. I'm so tired that when I blink, I immediately achieve REM sleep. I'm so tired that Pauly Shore movies seem kind of funny. I'm so tired that when the neighbor's dog starts barking, I wonder outside and stick a pacifier in its mouth.

I don't remember Cannon's feedings making us this tired.

I don't really remember yesterday either.

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Ken L said...

So you cooked green beans in maple honey sausage grease? I'm learning your family's ways of putting sugar in grean beans and other food items they don't belong (in my humble culinary opinion). The other night I wondered why the mac and cheese tasted so good, then I remembered, we were out of sugar.