Friday, December 05, 2008

Catching Up

Phantastes: A Faerie Romance

I finished reading this book a couple of months ago and wanted others to read it. Since I doubt I can be overly convincing, I am going to share a few quotes instead.

But it is no use trying to account for things in Fairy Land; and one who travels there soon learns to forget the vary idea of doing so, and takes everything as it comes; like a child, who, being in a chronic condition of wonder, is surprised at nothing.


All that man sees has to do with man. Worlds cannot be without an intermundane relationship. The community of the centre of all creation suggest an interradiating connection and dependence of the parts.

There are several great stories in this book that reads like a travel memoir. One is a story of a people that will actually die of desire. I hope I have interested you. I have a few more quotes I will share in the future.


I enjoy the new Fox show Fringe. I wonder. Would Walter Bishop be considered a good guy? I know he is on the "right" side and helping the good people. But he seems to be driven by curiosity above all else. Is that a humanistic moral good? He has sacrificed himself to help others but the motivation always seems to be more about answering questions rather than helping people. Also, why is Agent Dunham always going to intercept the bad guy by herself? How does that happen?

Holiday Cheer

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Chris said...

I watched a few episodes of Fringe, hoping that it would be as intriguing as lost. It completely failed to capture my attention for some reason. Also, I'm not sure if it's my computer or your post, but I don't see anything under "Holiday Cheer."

aaronash said...

I felt the same way about Lost. Tried several times, but could never get into it. I think I've fixed the Holiday Cheer.

dwain said...

I just watched the pilot of "Fringe," and I think I'm simply too tired to get into another conspiracy show. It takes a lot of commitment to watch a show that mixes a weekly case with an over-arching storyline. "X-files" did it well for... Not long.

"Lost" I loved, then hated, then was okay with, and now am excited about.