Friday, December 26, 2008

Stuff I've Thought About Recently

Why did Cannon say "She's not a teapot. She's my sister."?

Shouldn't it be "Eight Are Enough"?

If you are going to say something negative about the customer who just left, make sure they are out of earshot, and please do not expect me to say anything in agreement.

This week, the sports' media is crying over a playoff scenario that is only a possibility. My prediction is that Arizona will win making them 9-7. Denver will win making them 9-7. The Patriots will make the playoffs, no 11-5 team will miss the playoffs and everything that columnists and talkers have been arguing about will have never happened.

I think the Royals are going to be in contention to win their division this year.

I think
Traitor was the best movie I watched in 2008. Dark Knight was okay, but I really think if Heath Ledger hadn't died, most of us would make fun of a lot more scenes in that movie. I do not know how many movies I saw in 2008, but since Redbox came to town with free movie Mondays it has averaged 1 a week or more. There isn't much intentional comedy in Traitor. However, when Cheadle is winning a fight against three guys, I did laugh.

Is it a sign of getting older that I often turn think of something I "need" to do on the computer, then by the time the computer boots up, I've forgotten?

For those of you not on Facebook, I've put Christmas pictures here.


Chris said...

I hadn't heard the Royals were moving down to Little League for next year. Or is the rest of their division just really that bad?

dwain said...

'Eight is enough' is correct, actually, because it's being used as a singular.

Brandon said...

This is no longer recent! I miss your blogs!

aaronash said...

There you go Brandon ask and ye shall receive. Although after reading this post I'm embarrassed to write anything. I'm not sure what is worse my predictions or my grammar.