Thursday, October 04, 2007


I have been pondering the idea of discipline lately. I remember in high school trying all sorts of things to become disciplined. I would never miss evening devotions, and I would make all sorts of lists and charts of things to do each day, or once a week or month. Eventually these all went by the wayside.

Today I am disciplined in nothing. I really mean nothing. I don’t think you could even say I was habitual in anything (except maybe scratching my feet, but that is new). (Oh and if Chris is reading this, I don’t even regularly rub my eyes anymore.) I look at my life: I have never been fired from a job; I have a decent house, a fantastic wife, and an almost perfect kid. Do I need to be disciplined?

Well, I think I do. I think that I have missed opportunities because I was not prepared for them. These are too numerous and varied for me to list tonight, but if you are reading this you can probably imagine some things that could have gone differently if you’d undergone a certain amount of preparation. I wouldn’t even be worried about these things, if it wasn’t for that aforementioned almost perfect kid. He is already picking up too much stuff from me. I don’t want him to have the same haphazard (which I would have sworn was spelled half-hazard) approach to life.

So as a step in the right direction I am going to begin some acts of discipline. One of them is regularly updating this blog. Every Thursday night. So when you check back in two months and see two entries after this one, you can smile, shake your head, and say a little prayer for my son.

PS - Since I haven't posted for awhile I will add a couple of things I am way to into right now. The first is which is a fantasy sports meets stock market thing that is totally geeky, but very fun. And I want to show you this screen shot which shows me in 5th place on one of the challenges:

Granted There are 6 days 2 hours left in this 7 day challenge, but this is the highest I've ever been. If you decide to check out Protrade tell them aaronmash referred you. More bucks for me.

Also, anything to do with the Microsoft Zune, which I am getting. In November. I won it okay, and they won't ship it until then, and yes I'm getting a little bit antsy. If you're bored and have like 79 hours on your hands you can get one too at


Chris said...

Well, obviously, it would have been better to log them when you found them, but you can still do it now. Just explain in your log that you forgot to log them way back when. I have only done that once, when I pulled up a cache and said, "Hey, didn't I do that one like six months ago?" I had, so I went ahead and logged it.

Brandon said...

How well I know the Aaron that was perfect in everything in high school, while I was trying desperatly to simply not drop out of advanced bio half way through senior year (which I ended up doing anyway). However, I am thrilled that you will be writing every Thursday. Do you realize on Thankgiving, it will be a year since we have spoken in person, though our voicemails are best friends. I regreat and am depressed that you are already planning on not writting every thursday. sad. :) love ya. b

aaronash said...

Ahh, Brandon, how well you you know the Aaron who hasn't been perfect in anything. But I appreciate you keeping that to yourself. It is amazing and very sad that it has been that long. We are planning on making a trip to Colorado. We don't know what year, but we are definitely doing it.