Thursday, October 18, 2007


It is almost fall. In fact, I was looking back at pictures, and this time last year most of the leaves had already changed color. Multi-colored leaves are something I like about fall. Fall used to be my least favorite season, but since I cannot get out to the Colorado mountains to ski anymore (and see Brandon), winter has won that honor. Here are some things I do not like about Fall.
  • It's too cold. Mid to high 80's is the perfect weather, and 90 is better than 70.

  • Baseball season ends.

  • I still have to mow even though my yard looks gross.

  • The garage has to be cleaned out so we can get the van back inside.

  • Leaves add to yard work.

  • Jill starts wearing more clothes.

  • School starts. It seems like I've always had a reason to dislike this. I wonder if it will ever stop?

  • No more swimming. I didn't go swimming once this summer, but it's the principal of the the thing.

  • No more being outside without my shirt. Again it's the principal.

  • Hayrides are not as fun as cookouts.

  • Everybody seems busier with less enjoyable activities.

My father many years ago pointed out one of my flaws. (In case you are wondering; no, this is not a completely uncommon occurrence.) What made this incident stand out, is that it blindsided me (unlike when he mentioned I have "chicken legs"). I had failed to see this flaw in myself, but he was right. Dad said that I won't try things that I can't be the best at.

Many of you are laughing saying; "Aaron, if that were true you wouldn't do anything." Well there is a small change that needs to be made there. I won't try something unless I think I can be at least as good as the majority of the people around me.

In case you are wondering why I am sharing this; it has just come up lately, and I'm trying to do better.

I don't know how long the above image will still be posted. I have read this one several times in the last week and I still laugh at it. The late eighties to early nineties was probably the golden age of comics (Calvin and Hobbes, Far Side, Bloom County) but right now we have new Get Fuzzy, Pearls Before Swine, and if you've ever worked in an office, Dilbert. I also regularly find Over the Hedge funny both in its drawing and odd take on suburbia.

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Chris said...

For the record, your neighbors list the leaves changing and you putting your shirt back on as their two favorite things about fall.